When to Start Weaning Babies

Which month is the best time for a baby to eat solids? A question of many mothers taking care of their babies. From birth, they are only accustomed to breastfeeding, not yet familiar with any food and drink. So to practice weaning your baby must have appropriate time and should only practice weaning when the baby is full-term and signs that the baby is ready for weaning. Please refer to the following article to give your baby solid foods at the right time and the best way.

Signs that a baby wants to eat solid foods

Parents who observe their baby if they see any of the following signs should practice feeding miles to provide additional nutrients necessary for baby.

When baby can sit and stand by themselves without anyone’s help.

When baby can pick up the food on their own and start chewing.

Parents put food in their babies’ mouths without letting it go and ask for more food.

He knows how to turn away when he doesn’t want to eat something.

The most suitable time for weaning

If you want to train your baby to eat solids, then when we observe and see that the baby has the above signs. We should practice feeding him/her. Usually, people practice feeding babies when they start to go to Friday.

The 6th month is an important milestone for baby, at this time they begin to flip, and learn to sit up. Fast baby can stand up when clinging to objects in the house. At this time, we should practice weaning food for baby to provide more necessary nutrients for baby. It helps them develop better physically.

Principles when starting feeding infants

When starting to practice feeding your baby, you should not be too rushed but should persevere in feeding little by little.

Do not force your baby to eat if he/she refuses to eat anything given to them.

There should be a variety of changes in food to promote baby’s development.

We should only start weaning at 6 months of age. Do not start weaning too early because it is not good for your baby’s digestive system.

Baby should only be taught new foods when they are not sick or tired because they are now hungry and interested in eating.

When practicing weaning, baby should be fed before breastfeeding or bottle-feeding.

If your baby does not like the new dish you cook, do not force the baby to eat. But try to feed the baby at another meal, normally to get used to the taste of the new dish you have to take 10-15 times.

Baby should not be tried more than one type of food at a time. Only baby should try one food at a time to help them learn to eat easily.

Toddlers should only put 1 teaspoon at a time and should only be fed once a day. When baby become accustomed, we increase gradually.

The most important thing in practicing weaning is that you should let your baby voluntarily, do not force them. Do not urge them, let them feel weaning is a normal thing and will slowly get used to it.

 The note when feeding infants

Baby need to be weaned at the right time because this helps baby enjoy weaning more, helps baby reduce the risk of food allergy. Also, if weaning at the right time, they provide enough nutrients for baby to help them develop better.

Should begin to practice weaning foods with easy-to-swallow foods such as cereal flour, weaning flour, pureed white porridge, when baby are familiar with the food, eat fruits, vegetables, fish meat

Mothers should cook porridge and snacks for baby to ensure food hygiene and safety and necessary nutrients for baby to avoid the risk of food poisoning and digestive problems in baby.

At the start of weaning, we should start with weaning a sweet taste and then salty foods.

Note: when the mother cooks porridge for baby, it should not be too salty. But she should only put a little spice to smell to help baby digest better.

Surely by the end of this article, the mothers already know when to practice weaning babies and the rules for how to practice weaning babies, right? I wish the mothers to care for their baby in the best way.