What Is a Good Umbrella Stroller?

Having a baby is truly a blessing, and it is going to give an enormous amount of happiness. Especially, when a wanderlust couple plans pregnancy, they are going to miss traveling. Once their little ones started growing, parents can start exploring again with their babies to various places. Even babies love to explore and all you need is a travel essential checklist only made for your baby. For more information about the essentials of babies log on to newmomplus.com.

Travel essentials for your baby

Traveling with your baby need not be highly stressed, especially for a parent. There are so many things to keep your child occupied. There are a lot of products available in the market that help in making the road trip or a flight journey easier and hassle-free. Still confused, check out for more details in newmomplus.com.

There are so many brands to grab the attention of parents out there that it’s difficult to choose the best products. Here are some important travel essentials for your baby.

  • Crib
  • Nappy items
  • Stroller
  • Baby car seat
  • Backpack

Out of these, the stroller seems to be very important. The stroller helps the parents to travel easily with their babies.

What is a stroller?

A chair with four wheels is typically foldable in which you can push a baby along called a stroller. We also call it as a pushchair.

Various baby transports are available in the market and these include travel crib, portable bassinets, Stroller, and infant car seats.

What Is a Good Umbrella Stroller

Why stroller is important?

Among all the travel essentials, the stroller is one item that you will need to take along during travel. It helps in moving around with your baby. It is the best choice for traveling with your baby. Futher, it makes your travel hassle-free and never tiring.

There are so many good strollers available on the market for you. But you have to pay attention to certain considerations before buying a one. So that you can choose the suitable and the best stroller for your baby and you.

They should offer a suitable stroller according to your convenience and your safety. The features differ from one stroller to another stroller and hence select the safe and best stroller.

Features to look in for a stroller

A stroller is one of the important investments you will make for your baby. There is a wide range of traditional and technical variety to choose the best stroller for your baby. Here are some key features to remember while shopping.

Age recommendation

Choose strollers according to your baby’s age, height, and weight. As newborn babies cannot hold up their heads, it is better to select a stroller in which your baby can lie flat.


A handlebar should be slightly lower or up to your waist level. It is wise to choose strollers in which height-adjustable or telescoping handlebar to make the pushing much easier and comfortable for parents.


The wheelbase of the stroller should be wider, while the seat should be low in the frame. It should resist tipping backward when you slightly press on the handles.


You have to carry out baby essentials and make sure it is bigger enough for carrying packages. It must be low on the back of the stroller and in front of the rear wheels.


Select the stroller which provides to lock on the back wheels by engaging mechanisms in the wheel themselves rather than relying on the pressure on tires. Some strollers have a brake for one wheel or two wheels. Try out models according to your preference.


Select the wheel according to your living area. Choose foam-filled tires for the rural areas as they are extremely smoother. Rubber coated plastic wheels work well in cities and are standard ones.

Types of strollers

  • Umbrella stroller
  • Convertible stroller
  • Jogging stroller
  • Travel stroller
  • Car seat stroller
  • Double stroller

Umbrella stroller

These types of strollers are light and portable. When it gets folded, it resembles an umbrella and so we name it as ‘umbrella stroller’.  They have a fabric seat, curved handles, and easy to handle. The fabric present in the seat is water and stain-resistant. These are suitable for tall parents. Click newmomplus.com to find the best umbrella stroller for tall parents.

What Is a Good Umbrella Stroller

Advantages of an umbrella stroller

  • Less weight, more comfortable to handle.
  • Perfect for traveling.
  • The best option for tall parents (best umbrella stroller for tall parents are found in newmomplus.com)
  • Easy collapsibility and secure harnesses.
  • Under-seat storage space and protective canopies.

What is a good umbrella stroller?

  • Go for an umbrella stroller that weighs around 4–9 kilograms.
  • Most of the umbrella strollers come with protective canopies to avoid UV rays, and you can see your child through a window at the top.
  • It should have a good seatbelt system. Most of them have 5 point harnesses and you can switch to 3 points as per your preference.
  • A typical umbrella stroller requires two hands to operate.
  • Some additional features to expect in an umbrella stroller are a cup holder or a tray for the parents.
  • Choose an umbrella stroller made of aluminum as their durability rate is higher compared to plastic material.
  • The best umbrella stroller for tall parents should have height adjustments.

Safety guidelines

  • Above all the considerations, safety is the foremost thing to have taken seriously.
  • A 5-point harness stroller is the best choice for safeguarding your little one.
  • Buy the stroller according to your child’s weight and height.
  • Look for a stroller with a wide base to avoid the risk of injury when he or she leans back.
  • Never let your children unattended in the stroller.
  • Don’t use blankets or pillows in a stroller.
  • Do not hang purses or bags in the stroller handles as they could tip the stroller over.


Every parent wishes the best things for their toddlers. With all these considerations and recommendations, you may feel overwhelming to make a choice. Be certain to make a list of must-have products and research a lot before heading to the store. Work within your budget and select a cost-friendly and highly durable stroller for your baby. Check out newmomplus.com for various information regarding strollers.